Facts About Serena Williams’ You Need to Know

Published on November 6, 2019

Few Relationships 

There weren’t many men who were seen with Serena throughout the years. As any celebrity, the woman was photograpped all the time, but she was always seen out with friends or family. Of course, the person she was most often seen with was her sister, Venus, who was a successful tennis player as well. The two often played in pairs together, dominating other pairs on the court and proving their athleticism. Finding a man wasn’t on Serena’s radar at all.


The Sisterhood

A Change in the Wind

When Serena was in her early thirties, the stars were beginning to align. Even though she was as busy as ever in her tennis career, someone was about to appear in her life and turn everything upside-down. Naturally, Serena wouldn’t be looking for it at first, but in time, it would become clear that her life wasn’t just about tennis anymore. It all started at a restaurant in Rome, where Serena was dining with friends.


Hanging Out